The Ideal Post Pandemic Vacation Rental Situation

A lot has changed since 2020 started and we all experienced the spread of the COVID19 virus. Economies were affected and a lot of people lost their job. The travel industry is among the most hit considering people are now working at home and are banned to travel, however, the vacation rental industry needs to think ahead. Expect people to go after their travel goals once the restrictions have been turned off.

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Vacation Rental 365 has been noticing host making the move to transition towards the new normal. These are some of the things that VacationRental365 has noticed that’s been happening.

Ventilation and Air Purifiers

One of the reasons why there were a few cases of COVID 19 in BLM rallies is because it is well ventilated plus the fact that people were wearing masks. Now that it has been established that there are lesser occurrences in well-ventilated places, a lot of hosts are now trying to renovate the rooms allowing fresh air to go in and out of the property.

On top of that, if you will just scroll the, you might notice the presence of air purifiers in the rooms and the common areas. These are things that are believed to have the ability to filter bacteria and viruses in the air.

No more room sharing

Another important update for the vacation rental industry is the fact that there will be more rooms instead of having more bunk beds. You can expect people to hesitate to have a roommate. For hosts, many are already trying to transform the large rooms into small rooms.

Higher Cost

The vacation rental is also going to try to charge the changes to their guests. You can expect vacation rentals to charge a slightly higher rate per night in exchange for meeting the safety protocols. Is it going to be as expensive as hotels? Hopefully, this won’t be the case because this will defeat the purpose of staying in a vacation rental.

But what if there are vacation rentals that are as expensive as hotels? A lot of people would still prefer to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel because there isn’t any elevator in vacation rentals.

Medical Clearances

There will also be a lot of hosts that will require the guests to have medical clearances from where they came from. This will ensure that they can use the property and not spread the virus in case other people are also staying in the property.

If you are going to take a closer look at the travel industry, it is currently struggling considering the number of changes brought about by the pandemic. But if hosts are going to adapt today, they will be able to yield the benefits once everything comes back to normal. The good news is that some countries have figured out a way on how to flatten the curve. And in the next months, there is also a chance that we are going to see improvements. But these are some of the changes that might apply in the industry.

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